BurKenRodder of the Month: Amir Jaafri

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Amir The Bodybuilder (Instagram: @AMIRTHEBODY)

The ever so entertaining Amir is a proud body builder from New Jersey who is very well educated in the ancient art of Egyptian Shade. He is an extremely competitive person who never backs down from a challenge. Amir believes that the key to success is Reading and to be careful if you attempt to verbally attack him. The end result is always a deep scalping and edge reduction. This guy is super supportive during each and every Periscope Live Stream. He is never afraid to participate in our shows whether it's pumping numerous hearts, sharing our content to his infamous groups, or commenting with the most outlandish and shady messages. We definitely appreciate your support and most importantly, you. The recipient for BurKenRodder of the Month is Amir.


Periscope: @_ _ KingAmir _ _

Twitter: _kingamir_ _

Snapchat: lucidamir

Slay of the Week: Taraji P Henson

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