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Tuesday, November 22, 2016



Mrs. Bea's Louisiana Chicken & Waffles
In 2006 one of Mrs. Bea's grandsons made a commitment to himself, to one day open a restaurant in honor of his Grandmother,Beatrice Gradney. Everyone called her Mrs. Bea. Mrs. Bea was a native of Lake Charles, Louisiana, mother of 6 children and Grandmother to 18. She was an entrepreneur that could neither read nor write, she was and excellent seamstress and could usually be found at her sewing machine. She spoke broken English and Creole French and was of course an excellent cook. Her grandson was committed to making sure the world knew who Mrs. Bea was and to bring her cooking and hospitality to the masses.Throughout his youth and early adult years sitting down with family and eating a good meal at his Grandmother's home was a way of life. The experience of her good cooking and the warmth and love felt in her home is what we are striving to duplicate for our guest at Mrs. Bea's Louisiana Chicken and Waffles. Community outreach is also a part of what we do, please take note of the organizations we partner with and if you can, provide support to them as well.We’re glad you came and hope to see you again soon!Why So Tasty?We keep it simple and fresh! We take pride in the food we provide and strive to give exceptional service to our guests.


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