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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Heidi Walker

A graduate of Lane College, Heidi has always been a go-getter and because of her entrepreneurship, she has started her own company with her beautiful daughter Emily, which is named Mommy & Me Toys, Inc. The store will showcase the amazing dolls, which was created with love and everyone in mind. Emily also played a major role with the creation of the company logo and the actual dolls with beautiful, bold eyes that will light up the room. Heidi, we are so proud of you & keep up the good work!



IG: @iam_heidiwalker

Facebook: Heidi Walker


Dr. O'Keefe Hassell

A product of Lane College, O'Keefe has always been the go-to person for deep advice for life's rollercoaster. Once he earned his doctoral degree, he decided to become a Life Coach, which was the best decision he has ever made. Now, he provides counseling in most common areas such as relationship, spiritual and hollistic



 IG: @dr.hassell_14

Facebook: Dr. Robert O'keefe Hassell



Let's show these business owners some love! Keep up the excellent work.  


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