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Every month, we present this title to one of our supporters who have shown their loyalty, love and time for our brand, as well as our content. What way to show appreciation to those who want to be around us for longevity, not temporary For the month of July, we decided to give it to our BIGOLIVE family:

MICHAEL “PhantomStarr” Smith

Since The TrapQueenz made their entrance into BIGOLIVE world, made many friends, enemies and family. Phantom has shown nothing but love and support; from advice or expertise regarding the usage of app to even becoming a consistent 5 Minute Friday panel judge. He has major love for gaming, being a founder of Da Cakes and loving on his pooch, Oreo.

Make sure to show Phantom some love by following him on social media, as well as catch him live on BIGOLIVE for his Game Night on Saturdays

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