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CONTENT of the Month

TrapQueenz Interview Adrian Alicea

The TrapQueenz had a blast interviewing Fashion Designer, Adrian Alicea. He is very well accomplished and has worked with numerous celebrity clients, other fashion designers, models, creatives, artists, dancers, etc. This guy has an amazing eye for fashion. His style is a lot more on the edge, and sexy. Adrian started his journey as a creative who loved art. Adrian toured the world as a professional dancer alongside the legendary Willi Ninja and Grace Jones. This led to another opportunity in the form of a partnership with Nico Urquiza called House of Nico and Adrian. Soon after, Adrian started his own fashion brand and it’s been on and upward ever since. He designed for many celebrities like Zoe Saldana, Lil Kim, Daddy Yankee, Nick Cannon, India Arie, Marilyn Manson, Chingy, Melissa Ford, etc. His interview was absolutely amazing. Adrian showed us his laid back "New Yorker" demeanor side and was completely comfortable with us.

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