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Every month, we present this title to one of our supporters who have shown their loyalty, love and time for our brand, as well as our content. What way to show appreciation to those who want to be around us for longevity, not temporary For the month of July, we decided to give it to our BIGOLIVE family:

During a livestream session on Facebook, here comes Ms Pam (or we say “Auntie Pam”) who instantly felled in love with The TrapQueenz, creating a long lasting friendship of support and genuine love. As they were promoting BIGOLIVE, Ms Pam, in true fashion, downloaded the app, created an account and instantly came in the room when The TrapQueenz went live, and GIFTED them. To prove to everyone, that no matter age, race, sex or gender, it doesn’t hurt to support organic content and for that we thank you so much!

Ms Pam currently lives in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, who is married to Franklin and with 2 sons, 2 daughters. To know her is to love her unconditionally

Make sure to follow and show Ms Pam Fuqua some love as she takes her throne for BURKENRODDER of the MONTH

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