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BurKenRodder of the Month: MOTHER KITTY


Mother Kitty

Bigo ID: CateyeZ

IG: therealkittyminaj


We would like to formally present to everyone this month’s BurKenRodder of the Month, Mother Kitty. Mother Kitty is from Crown Heights, New York and currently resides in New York City. She’s the bees knees at the Kitty Cat Lounge on Bigo. She is also the founder of the White Hats. Kitty is #MadeByMattel and she’s the #JacksOfAllTrades respectfully. One thing about this woman is that she knows how to make one hell of an entrance and she definitely knows how to leave a lasting impact. Mother Kitty is so regal and super down to earth. She has an amazing story and that the world needs to hear. Mother Kitty supports from the heart and this is what everyone sees on the app, Bigo. The most amazing thing about Mother Kitty is that she is tough as nails and assertive, but she also has a heart as soft as a cloud. She is a devoted and amazing mother and spouse. Family is very important to her and she will get anyone together who may try and come between her and her family.

BurKenRodTV fully acknowledges and absolutely celebrates Mother Kitty. Your ongoing, pure support matters and you are truly blessed beyond measures. We love you for your wonderful heart and your existence in our life. We see why the TrapQueenz deemed Mother Kitty as their “Fairy GodMother of Bigo”. You are well deserving of being crowned our BurKenRodder of the Month. A crown fit for a true queen. In case you all didn’t know, Mother Kitty is also a very accomplished and Bomb DJ. She can literally play anything, and nail it.

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