• James Burt

BurKenRodder of the Month: JADE MORRIS


Jade Morris (Miss Mama’s)

Compton, California

Event Coordinator

Humorous, Makeup Enthusiast, The New Compton Representative

Jade (Miss Mamas) is so cool. We remember seeing her come into our live broadcast and serving in the comment section. This woman is absolutely hilarious and she is naturally gorgeous. She supports on and off screen. Jade is a professional event coordinator in Los Angeles, California and she resides in the New Compton. Miss Mamas actually has a twin sister. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Ms. Mamas times 2. It started off as a gag, by gag we mean it started off as jokes, sh*ts & giggles. Ms. Mamas would tell us that she will come over and slay our faces and how much she loves makeup. We would laugh and say, “We ready when you are, pull up!” Lol. One day, we asked Ms. Mamas to pull up and she actually did. Wow, when we finally met face to face, we were overjoyed and super excited to talk with her and get to know her outside of the Periscope world. Man, she is absolutely a firecracker in a good way of course. Did we mention that she loves to laugh.

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