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Rising Artistry: KHALIL IIVRSN

Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, Khalil IIvrsn found his way out through music. Since a youth, he was showing traits of becoming the next big entertainer. His creative music journey began at age 13 when he taught himself how to record using Mixcraft on his uncle’s laptop.

Despite many setbacks from trials and tribulations, Khalil’s experiences made him the artist that he is today. With influences from old school to new age music, Khalil IIvrsn puts a unique spin on the game. His ability to create catchy melodies and hooks is what make Khalil IIvrsn the artist to watch out for 2019.

Speaking of melodies, Khalil currently has a project out now call "MELODIA" available NOW on SPOTIFY and SOUNDCLOUD. Interview will be dropping SOON and be on the lookout for his newest single "I GOT"!

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