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Slay of the Month: Teyana Taylor

by Janelle Okwodu, Vogue

You never know what you’re going to get at a Philipp Plein show. The designer has a knack for going beyond traditional show ideas, so it makes sense that his collection gave New York Fashion Week its most inventive take on the model walk thus far. Last night at Plein’s Spring 2018 extravaganza, Teyana Taylor put her multi-hyphenate talents to good use by dancing across his stage as Future performed. With the kinds of moves that wouldn’t be out of place at a Vogueing ball, Taylor brought the crowd to its feet with her mesmerizing interpretation of a runway strut. Managing to command attention during a show that featured Dita Von Teese posing in a martini glass and Adriana Lima opening, Taylor was a sight to behold and the antidote to the uniformity models are forced into during most events.

The power of Taylor’s performance owes much to her confidence and years of dance training, which means it would be difficult for anyone to emulate. Still, it makes the case for bringing personality back to the runways. In a season where the excitement of NYFW has been largely extinguished, the quickest way to get people engaged and inspired may be to simply let the women who walk the runways show a little spark.

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