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BKRTV Presents: Rising Talent


Jude Demorest


The Detroit native won a nationwide search to headline Daniels’s new TV series for Fox. Vanity Fair learns all about the actress on the rise. WESTERN UNION: At 16, Demorest followed her passions to Los Angeles. After trying everything from backup dancing to singing, she signed with Epic Records under the iconic producer L.A. Reid. “I learned about the whole music industry from him.” CHART TOPPER: Demorest ended up co-writing the hit single “Work from Home,” which Reid acquired for Fifth Harmony. “I write whenever I’m not on set.” A NEW EMPIRE: This summer, writer, director, and executive producer Lee Daniels held a nationwide search for Fox’s girl-group series, Star (debuting December 14). “It was 10 auditions and Lee was part of every one.” ROLE MODELS: After nabbing the show’s eponymous title role, Demorest is keeping company with her co-stars, who include Queen Latifah, Lenny Kravitz, and Naomi Campbell. “I watch and learn what may have taken years if this hadn’t been my first project.” REALITY TV: “Girls who look like Star aren’t represented on television. It’s an honor to be a part of Lee’s bravery and the very real stories he wants to tell.” By Krista Smith, Vanity Fair


We will be showcasing our friends and supporters on their journey to greatness, whether it's singing, rapping, make-up tutorials, whatever the case may be! We want to share the world your gift. Let us know who you would like for us to feature as our RISING TALENT

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