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BKRTV Presents: Rising Talent


Randy Savage (The Savage)


Rising artist Randy Savage was born & raised in the budding city of Memphis, Tennessee. With the height of 6'1, 205 lbs, his other talent was an professional football player, being considered as an ExXxtreme Athlete during his journey to fame (SOURCE: In most cities of where he lived (Chicago, Illinois, Bradenton, Florida, and Atlanta Georgia) to him, were gains of influence, in relation to his music. Randy Savage considers himself as an music artist and brand, which will take him to the next level. He is also apart of SECURE THE BAG - THE LABEL team, releasing hit songs such as "Like A Nightmare", "Teleport", "Live My Life For This", and his most recent single "IDIDDAT".

Before we entered into 2017, we did an exclusive interview, regarding his journey, influentials of music and what makes him GREAT

BKRTV: What inspires you to be great?

Randy Savage: Energy inspires me to be great. I'll forever love it for the inspiration.

BKRTV: What is your creative process when making songs?

Randy Savage: I trust my ability of alignment when it comes to making music. I'm a very diverse artist and brand so once I get into my zone and level up, I know that whatever part of me that decides to surface is the right mix.​ BKRTV: What projects are you currently working on?

Randy Savage: Right now, I'm working on a remake to the dope track "Gangsta" by Kehlani. I love it BRTV: What does it mean to be an independent artist?

Randy Savage: Being an independent artist means being your own boss and employee for the most part but, really being the pioneer of your own music career. You'll have to endure the losses and keep rolling BKRTV: What’s the best piece of advice that you can give to an aspiring artist?

Randy Savage: If you have the grit, desire, and'll BTA (Beast Through Anything) your way to the top. BKRTV: What can the public expect to see from you in the future?

Randy Savage: The people can expect More music, More visuals, More shows, More hits, few more features, and Most of all MORE ENERGY #RockOut

To check out more from Randy Savage, please visit his Soundcloud:

Facebook: Randy Savage (The Savage)

Instagram: randy_savage00

Snapchat: randy_savage21


We will be showcasing our friends and supporters on their journey to greatness, whether it's singing, rapping, make-up tutorials, whatever the case may be! We want to share the world your gift. Let us know who you would like for us to feature as our RISING TALENT

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