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Coach Juan Moore

Juan Moore is the Director of the Nashville Mini All-Star (MAS) Dance Company. He recently opened a second dance studio in Jackson, Tennessee. He is also a Lane College and Tennessee State University alum. Juan absolutely loves laughter, dance, music and had the opportunity to be featured on the hit Lifetime television series, Bring It. Juan's favorite quote is, "To you, I am Coach Juan, but to the world, I'm the BOOTZ that changed the game! Keep it 100 baby!"

Coach Sequoia Kizzie

Sequoia Kizzie is from Memphis, TN. A proud alumni of Lane College. Ms. Kizzie is the Founder of Dynamic Diamond Elites Majorette Dance Team, along with her assistant coach Raya Jones. Sequoia enjoys spending time with her two loves (Debo & King), day parties while wearing the crown as the SnapChat queen. Sequoia loves modeling, as well as her passion for dancing, so if you are in Memphis or surrounding areas, support our friend

Let's show these two business owners some love! Keep up the excellent work.

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