an entertainment update for the brand

Introducing #IfYouLoveUsSupportUS Campaign







We are very excited to announce two major projects that is going on with the brand: 


  • Officially launched our BKRTV TShirt Apparel line to pre-order (more details in the newsletter) via Booster, which is partnered by CustomInk. Because of our previous order with the company and a strong relationship was built, pertaining to our brand, CustomInk recommended us to start a campaign to get us started with our FULL apparel line 

  • Kickstarter (similar to IndieGogo) but better. The last campaign was not successful and unfortunately did not meet our goal of $1500, so we did lower the goal to $500 as a small start. More details will be available on the website 


Through the month of March, if you really love us, please support us and our brand by either purchasing a T-Shirt or a donation to help us get to the next level of entertainment


The Real Trap Queenz of the OC web series is being


So we were on Twitter, branding and promoting our content and this unique web series internet company STAREABLE reached out to us, in wanting to showcase our current web series on their website. It was an offer we could not pass by. If you're already up to speed with our web series, please make sure to click below to leave a review

BurKenRodTV Has Achieved An Milestone with Facebook Page

We have made it to 500 likes on our Facebook Page  

Still have a long way to go, but it's YOU who made it possible for us, so we genuinely thank you from the bottom of our heart 

Happy May!!!


We know that we have been a little bit quiet in the month of April, hence is why we did not send out any newsletter. But to the ones who subscribed to our website, our apologies within the email that you received, is out of date (we are currently working on a way to have the newsletter already done and ready to be sent out at the beginning of each month).


But nevertheless, so many great things has happened within the month of March & April. Of course, we can't say too much, but we can give a few details of our accomplishments:

What's the 411 (Month of April RECAP)

  • Our March Madness sale with the BKRTV Official T-shirt was a HUGE success, thanks to you all who pre-order a shirt. We sold over 50 shirts, which was the goal & with donations, raised almost $300. A M A Z I N G! 

  • YouTube Creator sent us a congratulatory email on our success for the month of April. We are ALWAYS busy, staying consistent and creating content. That's just the beginning 

As far as our emoji catch phrase T-shirt, we had to put it on pause for this month, to make sure that everything is squared away and the marketing strategy is up to par. Be on the lookout for advertising (we know that we presented the T-shirts on a visual concept during March Madness) because now, with this unique distributor, we have the options to choose up to 3 different colors for each shirt (how DOPE is that?) so that's where the headache is at: CHOOSING THE RIGHT COLORS FOR EACH SHIRT FOR EVERYONE! So this month, our focus is on choosing the colors, the price & the quantity of the shirt to sale (STAY TUNED)



Our EP...is in the works! Our goal is to release it within the 3rd quarter, aiming for our 2nd anniversary as a brand (9/11/17) but not the full EP, only 3-4 tracks. We have already came up with the title and track list, so be on the lookout later on in the season ️


Again, thank you so much for being apart of our movement for greatness. We want to see everyone win, so why hate on the next person. Always remember this: "You Gotta Watch, Because Someone Is Always Watching YOU"

What's the 411 (Month of may RECAP)

Happy 1st Day of JUNE!!!

Do you remember our #IfYouLoveUsSupportUs Campaign? Well now we have a way for you to contribute to our brand: PAYPAL! Yes, we now have a PayPal account where you can donate to our craft, so that we can continue to create amazing content with better equipment and software. If you really love us, then please support us. Whether it is $1, $2, $5, any amount is appreciative. To contribute, click below

The Real Trap Queenz of the OC (WEBSERIES) Critique Day

We have a date! Our day will be Thursday, June 15th. 


Our show will be featured on the forum all day, so we encourage all of our supporters and other filmmakers you respect to check out the thread and give their feedback. The Stareable community will be giving their critique for our webseries, what to work on, what element is missing and more. Participating in this project gives the creators (BURKENRODTV) an idea on what to focus on for the next webseries to come.

BurKenRodTV Has Achieved An Milestone with YouTube

All because of you guys!!! Thank you so much for making this possible - still got more ways to go & we're just getting started 😌

Also, check out our progress on YouTube for the month of May! Consistency is KEY

What's the 411 (Month of June RECAP)


Hello - Happy JULY month!!!


On June 15, we submitted our current webseries "The Real Trap Queenz of the OC" to the Stareable Filmmaking Community and let's just say the dialogue was REAL. The feedback was REAL. The critics was REAL. We were just thankful to push the envelope and to show the world what we are doing, why we are doing it and how! Make sure to check out some of the dialogue from the members. 

Oh & also check out our proud moment of the creating of the webseries


BurKenRodTV Collaborates with TeeBlaster for BKRTV Apparel SS17

We did a light launch of our catchphrase T-shirts on 6/26, in collaboration with TeeBlaster T-shirt company. Although it wasn't as effective, luckily we will relaunch the sale again, this time with a longer time frame and better marketing promotion. Stay tuned for more details 

The Real Trap Queenz of the OC web series characters Anastasia & Aubrey Received Recognition with Periscope

A major congratulations to our webseries characters Anastasia & Aubrey on working effortlessly since February of 2017, going live constantly on Periscope while reaching audience from all over the world, promoting the brand. Because of consistency, the sisters have been granted on the SILVER BADGE level, surpassing bronze badge level, with over 1 million hearts of love from superfans and supporters. Make sure to check them out everyday LIVE, but clicking below

What's the 411 (Month of JULY/AUGUST RECAP)



Alot has happened within the past 2 months, some were good and some were WTF moments. We have gained over 29,591 views on our videos on YouTube and our subscribers have tripled to just over 2,000 plus. This is a major deal for us, as we work so hard to put out great content and now we see the results of our efforts come to life. It's truly wonderful. Never the less, our consistency never stopped and decided to spruce up a few things

within the month of JUNE
within the month of JULY
within the month of AUGUST
  • In case you missed it, 2 out of the 3 members of BurKenRod TV celebrated their 30th birthday in the month of July. Happy Belated Birthday to James Burt and Kendall Harris. Whether it was flirty or dirty, 30 is here and it only goes up from here. Cheers to you guys.

  • Guess what, everyone? Shaun A Robinson is here and made it to Los Angeles safely. Whew, he told us about his 18 hour flight and we hung out with the Aussie actor/director/producer and he got some great footage of us in comical action. Cheers to you and your documentary.


Latest Content:

  • Check out the latest content from BurKenRod TV: TrapQueenz of the OC tackle on "The Tongue Out Ya Mouth Challenge"on YouTube. Thank you @tim_bae for creating a bomb ass song with a dope challenge to match. Substitute Teacher sketch,The Real TrapQueenz OC Season 2, Episode 3.5: It's La-Mazing, Flight Attendants, Labor Day sketch


Upcoming Projects: 

  • As you all know, we are always looking for ways to keep our audience engaged and tuned in. Expect to see more BurKenRod TV content including challenges, skits, interviews, parodies, music, etc. We have a lot of great things in store for you all and we can't wait to present it to all of the Internet and the Universe. 


BurKenRod TV Anniversary:

  • Our 2nd Year Anniversary visual presentation was received very well and here is the surprise ending: We will be releasing music to the public and we could not be more excited and anxious to present this gift to everyone. This is the most personal and vulnerable project next to the BurKenRod TV Documentary where we had to be nothing but candid, open and expressive


Interview: Rambo The Chief:

  • BurKenRod TV has completed another artist interview for the books. Rambo Lee is an artist who is also a Memphis native who has performed a number of shows and events, has an EP and moved across the country to Los Angeles to take the music scene by storm. We talked with Rambo about his passion for music, his stance on artist independence, being yourself and establishing your own unique style as an artist. This was awesome and if you want to see the interview firsthand, check it out at YouTube.com/burkenrodtv 


Shoutout for Periscope SuperFans:

  • Periscope give us as content creators an opportunity to broadcast live around the world to anyone who watches. It's a blessing to gain followers on this particular app, but once you maintain consistent followers and gain SuperFans, it's even more thrilling. The Superfans of Periscope get their title by producing hearts. This is a method of showing love and expressing to the broadcasters that you enjoy what they're doing. This month we have all agreed and the numbers don't lie, the Periscope SuperFan to spotlight is King Amir. Thank you for going above and beyond with sharing our broadcast, pumping hearts, and inviting many others to view our livestream.


Artists Events Attended:

  • We had the opportunity to attend an artist event recently that was definitely one to witness. The Cali to New York Music Competition was at Harvard Bar in Los Angeles, California. We met an array of artists, music producers, promoters etc. we witness such great underground hip hop artists blaze the stage in a battle of epic proportion. Just to highlight a few artists that caught our eye, Rambo the Chief, Mrs Black Dyamond and a few others tore the roof off the place.


Fun Fact About BurKenRod TV:

  • This may be the most simple thing that may not matter to anyone else, but we love trying local pizza restaurants. The chain pizza joints are ok if there's no other option, but when it's local, it's made with love. At least we always hope and pray that's the case when trying any new restaurant. Put a stamp on it, BurKenRod TV loves good local pizza.


Closing Remarks:

  • Shoutout to God, all of our followers, fellow creators, fans, family along with the YouTube and Periscope community. Everything is in place because of you all and the gratitude that we have is because of you.

The ONLY way to success is making it to the top, ALL THE WAY UP, so let's make 2017 OUR year and MAKE MAGIC


With Love,