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Season 3 of The Real Trap Queenz of the OC has begun and the people have already been raving and buzzing about it. Did you know that from Season 1 to now, NOTHING was scripted, only improv? Well now you know! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and look for the webseries playlist to binge

Also, check out the Trap Queenz of OC new visual, paying homage to KeKe Palmer "BOSSY" of Fox STAR - the TV show

The creators of BurKenRodTV has gone a different direction when presenting commentaries on pop culture and entertainment, so make sure to check them out LIVE on YouTube, every Tuesday night

Speaking of YouTube, a HUGE congratulations on surpassing 1K followers, reaching the Creator level of OPAL status. The ONLY way UP is CONSISTENCY

Season 3 of The Real Trap Queenz of the OC has come to an end, with a SHOCKING closing of a somewhat revelation to SEASON 4. Thank you all so much for sticking with us and sharing our talents and comedy to the world

BurKenRodTV will be going on a temporary hiatus, due to unforeseen circumstances, just keep us in your prayers and uplift us with words of encouragement via text/email/DM/inbox to keep on going. Sometimes, you never know what battle people are fighting...when the frame is not FOCUS